with Royal Coda, Wolf & Bear and Sani Bronco

Sunday, July 07
Show | 6:30pm // Doors | 6pm
$25 to $49.50
Mike Judy Presents:

w/ special guests:
Royal Coda
Wolf & Bear
Sani Bronco
Pale Kaiori

July 7th, 2024
Red Flag
Doors: 6:00 PM // Show: 6:30 PM

All Ages (21+ to Drink)

Eidola is a five piece experimental post-hardcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last four years, Eidola have managed to release three highly praised full-length concept albums, tour the country with industry behemoths like Dance Gavin Dance, and partner with Blue Swan Records and Artery Global to bring their passionate, progressive sound to the masses. Their new album To Speak, To Listen has received critical acclaim for it's ambitious sonic scope, complex songwriting, and existential lyrics. Thank you for taking the time to look and listen. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About "To Speak, To Listen": “To Speak, To Listen is a monumental achievement in both of the genres Eidola occupies, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see a better release in either for quite some time. Until Eidola puts out their fourth album, anyway.” - Heavy Blog Is Heavy “‘To Speak, To Listen’ hooks you in with its accessible ‘single ready’ material at the outset and holds your attention with the deeply layered, intelligently arranged soundscapes that follow thereafter. Eidola’s ability to write such frantic, yet accessible tracks that sit coherently against progressive, building compositions, underlines their prowess as songwriters.” - Punktastic About "Degeneraterra": "Eidola churns through 13 songs that run from place to place, taking the listener through a sonic adventure full of joy, sadness, nostalgia, and beauty. The sheer diversity means that this album not only warrants, but requires, additional listenings, each of which is an absolute joy thanks to the brilliant songwriting. Eidola has created something truly incredible with Degeneraterra– an album that will satisfy both the mind and the heart many times over." - Heavy Blog Is Heavy "There is so much in this album that I could write a graduate level thesis on it. Just know that if you have any, any, interest in metal/prog rock/post-core/music in general, check these guys out. If they are not huge in the next couple years, then I will finally concede that I know nothing about music." - NanoBot Rock
Royal Coda is an American rock band based in Sacramento, California, formed in 2017. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Kurt Travis, guitarists Sergio Medina and Will Swan, bass guitarist Steffen Gotsch, and drummer Joseph Arrington.
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